Guardianship is a legal process that involves the protection of elderly, disabled or otherwise vulnerable individuals from neglect or abuse. When an individual is designated as a guardian for an incapacitated adult, that person agrees to manage the ward’s affairs after he or she is no longer able to do so. The process of granting guardianship can be confusing and fraught with tension. In the midst of such challenges, it is very important to have a trustworthy attorney by your side. For all matters related to guardianship, look to Hector Martinez for excellent advice.

The Responsibilities Of A Guardian And When An Alternative May Be Appropriate

A guardian’s responsibilities depend greatly on the current physical and mental abilities of the incapacitated individual. First and foremost, a guardian must manage the everyday care of the ward and ensure that he or she is not being neglected or abused. Guardians may also be called upon to manage the personal property of their wards. With the help of a lawyer such as Hector Martinez, a prospective caretaker can prove that he or she fits the stringent requirements of legal guardianship.

Proving That A Ward Requires Guardianship

Depending on the nature of a given guardianship case, a guardian may be voluntarily selected by the ward or chosen by a court. When an individual is placed under guardianship, that person loses many of the liberties and decision-making abilities he or she enjoyed in the past. Because of this potential loss of civil liberties, it is very important that thorough documentation of the ward’s inability to make essential decisions is provided. This evidence is ideally gathered and presented by a guardianship lawyer with a history of success. Hector Martinez prides himself on his attention to detail and his courtroom skills. During the investigative process and any subsequent courtroom appearances, he combines these qualities to great effect. What’s more, he approaches each and every case with a much-needed sense of compassion, as well as a thorough understanding of the troubling emotions experienced by those seeking guardianship.

Whether you have been appointed the guardian of a loved one or believe that you deserve this distinction, is in your best interest to get in touch with a respected San Antonio guardianship lawyer. Hector Martinez has an impressive background as an estate planning and guardianship attorney; he is eager to help you provide the care your prospective ward requires.