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Since 2001, Attorney Hector Q. Martinez has been providing responsive, attentive and caring legal services in a reasonable way to clients throughout San Antonio. In every client’s case, his goal is to provide clients with the peace of mind they deserve as they work through a legal situation. With a focus on Estate Planning, Probate, Personal Injury, and certain areas of Family Law, Attorney Martinez is ready to speak to you and provide the legal services you need with the attention you deserve.

If you have question with any of the following, just go ahead and contact Mr. Martinez.

Probate Will – Independent Administration allows for you to direct where your Estate assets go at the time of your death.

Administration of Estate – Independent / Dependent is a procedure to divide the Estate when there is no Will, the Will is found to be invalid, or the beneficiaries/heirs cannot agree on who is to be named as the Estate Representative.  The Administration will likely require that heirs be established by affidavits filed with the Court.

Probate of Will – Muniment of Title gives you the ability to transfer title to real property when there are no debts and the house is the main asset of the Estate.  This method is less complicated and therefore not as costly as a full Probate or Estate administration.

Small Estate Affidavits are best when there is no will (and even in some cases where a Will does exist), and the Decedent left an Estate whose value is $50,000 or less, not including the homestead and/or exempt property.

Affidavits of Heirship can be used in conjunction with an Estate Administration when there is no Will or the Affidavits of Heirship can also be used on their own to memorialize who the heirs of an Estate are and to allow for the transfer of title to real property.

Will(s) to name your beneficiaries and transfer Estate assets.

Durable Powers of Attorney to allow for an agent of your choice to handle financial matters when you cannot direct those matters yourself.

Medical Powers of Attorney to give authority to the agent you choose in the event you need medical care are suddenly injured or become disabled.

Directive to Physician, Family or Surrogates, which is sometimes called a “Living Will,” is used so that you, the Principal, can give specific directions for your care, most often used to specifically direct that certain types of care or procedures not be done to you.